Interested in learning Jikiden Reiki with me but not able to easily attend one of our scheduled seminars? I have a few options available that might work for you.


One-on-One Reiki training - fitting your schedule


Private training is available for those who either can not, or do not want to attend one of our regularly scheduled training seminars. Family obligations, work schedules and other factors can all make it difficult to attend a Reiki seminar or workshop.

If you want to study with us and can not make the seminars that we already have scheduled, please contact us. I will work with you to find a way and a schedule that fit in your life.

Examples of available options include:

  • Regular seminar format on a date/s of your choosing.

  • Breaking up the seminar into smaller sections allowing for shorter daily requirements to attend until completion of the material.

  • A class scheduled for your family or group of friends to attend.

I will work with you to accommodate the specific needs you have.


Bringing one of our seminars to your location


If you would like to learn Jikiden Reiki and are not located near an Institute authorized teacher, there is an option available for you to bring me to your hometown to teach a Jikiden Reiki seminar. To make this happen is actually very easy. Meet the requirements below and I will come to you.

Details for sponsoring a seminar/workshop:

  1. ​Decide on the date of the seminar you want to sponsor (recommended - Friday/Saturday/Sunday).

  2. Plan for the seminar location (large enough to accommodate the number of attendees).

  3. Contact me to confirm his availability and arrange the details of the seminar.

  4. Once details/availability are confirmed, reserve the location (if necessary) and begin to advertise the seminar in your location (I will also advertise the seminar on his website, Facebook page and newsletter).

  5. Meet the minimum number of seminar attendees (number of required attendees varies based on seminar location - to help cover travel cost).

  6. Consider scheduling extra events for the seminar attendees (such as the Jikiden Reiki seminar together with a reijukai (reiju meeting), a Reiki share, or a social dinner for attendees).

I will work with you to provide more information on the details above in order to make the seminar happen as smoothly as possible.