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In a treatment session reiki is used to assist the body's own natural healing abilities. Reiki has been used to help people who are experiencing a wide range of issues. Some examples include:

  • Stress & Anxiety Issues.

  • Occupational & Sport Injuries.

  • Pregnancy Issues.

  • Psychological & Emotional Issues.

  • And Much More...

I personally look at Reiki as a form of COMPLIMENTARY treatment that works wonderfully in conjunction with modern medical treatment. Many people report amazing results from using Reiki alongside the care and treatment they receive at the hospital from their healthcare providers.​

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A reiki treatment is truely unique for each person and there is no real standard experience or way that you might react from the treatment session. There is of course a few things that  are common occurences during a treatment session. A session will usually begin with a brief discussion about the issues that brought you there and answering of any questions that you may have about the session or Reiki in general. You will then lay on the treatment table - fully clothed - and the session will begin. Some Reiki practitioners use a set of  routine hand placements during their sessions. I follow what I call a more 'active' approach to my sesssions. I will usually start at your head and then apply reiki to the areas related to your complaint/issue. Some times, depending on your issue, I will remain in one location for a long period of time. With me, a treatment session is usually a quiet, relaxing experience which helps bring results from the session.


My reiki treatment sessions appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes, of which about 60 - 70 minutes is the actual treatment portion. I will usually allow for a little time for you to 'recover' from the session before you leave and ask questions if you have any.

Many people notice results after one treatment session. However, more severe or chronic conditions may require multiple treatment sessions for recovery to happen and for results to be noticed.



To receive a treatment session with me I ask that you first take a moment to read over our 'CLIENT BILL OF RIGHTS'. This is a document that the State of Minnesota request that I provide to anyone who is requesting any Reiki services from me. You can download a copy for your records if you want. I can also provide you with a copy at your scheduled appointment.

Once you decide that you do want to schedule a reiki treatment session with me, please use the 'REIKI TREATMENT REQUEST' form. This form can be found by using the button to the right. I will review your request and get in touch with you in order to finalize the details and complete the scheduling process. 


I try to keep my reiki treatment sessions affordable as possible. I do this by offering treatment session packages for those who need more than one session to get the best benefits. My reiki treatment session fees are listed below:

Single treatment session - $75.00

Package of three treatment sessions - $175.00 ($50 savings)

Package of five treatment sessions - $275.00 ($100 savings)

Payment for reiki treatment sessions can be made in advance (I can send you an invoice) or at the start of your appointment. Credit/debit card payments are securely processed through SquareUp.

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