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Jikiden Reiki® Okuden (Reiki 2)

Jikiden Reiki Okuden Reiki 2

Okuden is an intermediate level of Reiki practice and provides you with advanced treatment techniques that focus on mental/emotional and psychological issues and treating those not physically present (distant Reiki treatment) with you. This is a one day seminar that features a balance of theoretical learning and practical hands-on instruction. When the seminar is finished, you will understand the content and be confident putting what you learned to use.


Must have studied the SHODEN level of JIKIDEN REIKI prior to participating in this seminar

Seminar Fee

1 Day

10am - 6pm

4 Students

Participate in the seminar and you will learn

  • A brief review of the teachings of the Shoden level.

  • An examination of the Kokai Denju (public teachings left by Usui sensei).

  • Learn the kotodama that relates to the psychological treatment. 

  • The second shirushi (symbol) used in Jikiden Reiki for the psychological treatment.

  • Seiheki Chiryo - a treatment technique for the treatment of habits and psychological issues.

  • The jumon (formula) of Jikiden Reiki used in distant treatment.

  • Enkaku Chiryo (distant treatment) - a method to give Reiki to those who are not physically present with you.

  • Reiki Kokan - a special ceremony introduced by Hayashi sensei.

  • Discussion on how to become a teacher of Jikiden Reiki.

  • Plenty of time for practice of what you learn and to ask questions.

After the seminar you will have

  • Jikiden Reiki seminar participant manual issued by the Institute.

  • Updates made to your seminar participation record to keep track of the Jikiden Reiki seminars you attend as you progress.

  • An official bi-lingual Jikiden Reiki certificate issued by the Institute.

  • A traditional Japanese style certificate issued by the Institute.

  • Registration with the Institute in Japan and your name recorded on the official Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai website (optional).

  • Access to reijukai - special post-course practice meetings for students of Jikiden Reiki.

The Regulations of the Jikiden Reiki Institute

Those who desire to learn Jikiden Reiki are expected to comply with a few rules established by th Institute. This is a very common thing done in traditional Japanese arts and these rules in particular are put in place to protect the purity of our practice. 

  1. The symbols (shirushi), mantras, Jumon and any contents of the manual or seminar shall not be revealed to those not in attendance.

  2. Any publications, photos or seminar content shall not be revealed, loaned to any third party or made available on the internet.

  3. Jikiden Reiki shall not be taught mixed with other kinds of Reiki. Only Shihan-Kaku (assistant teachers) and Shihan (teachers) approved by Jikiden Reiki Institute can teach Jikiden Reiki.

Jikiden Reiki


A one day seminar presenting the second

level teachings of Jikiden Reiki.

June 30 | 10:00 - 18:00

Reiki with Jotaro - Rochester, MN

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