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About Reiki with Jotaro

Tadao Yamaguchi & Jotaro Kashihara
Rochester, Minnesota's home for authentic Japanese Reiki.

Reiki with Jotaro was started to help provide people with access to the teachings of authentic Japanese Reiki. My own Reiki journey was both time consuming and extremely expensive as I searched for and gathered tiny bits of information while trying to understand the origins and practices of Reiki. I wanted the 'REAL' Reiki. Reiki as it was done by the Founder - Mikao Usui, and his early students.


After several years, thousands of miles, substantially more in money and almost twenty teachers later, I found Jikiden Reiki. It was there that I found the answers to many of the questions I had, along with finally understanding many of the 'whys' of what I had previously learned in other styles of Reiki.

As I practiced Jikiden Reiki, I saw amazing results in my treatment practice. People I interacted with started to show interest in what I was doing, and I started to have a desire to share these teachings with those around me. I started to teach Jikiden Reiki in order for it to be possible for those who wanted, to learn authentic Japanese Reiki without resorting to all that I had done.

“Reiki should be a simple and practical system.” - Jotaro
Maintaining a relationship with my students and teachers for on-going education and support.

I do not believe in the unfortunately standard way Reiki is taught today. Most Reiki teachers hold a class, pass out the certificates and send the students on their way. Many do not answer any questions that come up after the class and only see the student again if they sign up for another class. This is not how it was done traditionally in Usui or Hayashi sensei's day. Regular interactions, along with guidance, especially in the early stages of training, ensure strong and knowledgeable practitioners. A teacher's job is to support and guide the students they produce. At Reiki with Jotaro, I make efforts to support my students by holding several regularly scheduled practice opportunities for them to join. These opportunities give them the chance to ask questions and actually practice what they learned.

The Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai (Institute) has held seminars all over the world. There exist many qualified teachers who hold seminars and other practice opportunities. My own teachers - Tadao Yamaguchi and Frank Arjava Petter - travel the world holding seminars. I regularly participate in these seminars to review the teachings and deepen my understanding of Jikiden Reiki. I am also a member of the International Jikiden Reiki Association, which allows me access to special webinars for Jikiden Reiki teachers to expand their knowledge. Because of this, I am then able to pass consistently correct information onto my own students and preserve the legacy of Chiyoko Yamaguchi.

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