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Jikiden Reiki® Seminar Registration

To register for a Jikiden Reiki training seminar, complete the form below. Please be sure to complete each field on the form accurately. Once the form is submitted, an invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours for you to submit the payment needed to complete the registration. If you experience any issues with the form or have any questions, please contact Jotaro for assistance at:

Participants who are reviewing the seminar/s, please contact Jotaro Kashihara at:

Complete Form To Register

Participants may register for the 'Full Seminar' which includes both the shoden and the okuden levels of Jikiden Reiki, or they may choose to study at their own pace and enroll in specific portions of the seminar.

Select Seminar Participation Option

Please select the dates on which you will attend the seminar for each portion. If you are only planning to attend only one portion (for example: shoden, but not okuden), please make sure to select the ' None' option for that seminar portion that you are not planning to attend.

Please select your desired payment option. Your selection will generate an invoice for the fees of the seminar based on the participation options that you selected above. The 'Pay In Full' option is a one time payment for the entirety of the seminar fee. The 'Pay Deposit Only' option allows you to pay the minimum reqired deposit to hold your place in the seminar. If you choose the 'Pay Deposit Only' option, the remainder of the seminar fee will be due at the start of the first day of the seminar.

If you are choosing the 'Pay Deposit(s) Only' option and want to participate in the 'Full Seminar' (shoden and okuden) you will be expected to pay the deposits for each portion of the seminar.

Select Payment Option

Do you agree with the objectives and regulations of the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai (Institute)?


Jikiden Reiki Objectives

1.  To publish illustrations of the effectiveness and document people’s experiences of Reiki.

2.  To enable people to use Reiki as an effective complement to conventional medical care.

3.  To introduce the effectiveness of Reiki to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, thereby initiating its use in conjunction with Western medicine in the conventional medical field.

4.  To introduce the use of Reiki for medical care in the household. This should help to break dependence on everyday allopathic remedies and conventional drugs. The ultimate objective here is twofold. Firstly people will become healthier as their bodies start to remember how to heal themselves without chemical substances introduced from the outside. Secondly there will be a significant reduction in the amount of medical waste, a positive effect on the environment, which can be global in scale.

Regulations of the Jikiden Reiki Institute

1.   The symbols (shirushi), mantras, Jumon and any contents of the manual or seminar shall not be revealed to those not in attendance.

2.   Any publications, photos or seminar content shall not be revealed, loaned to any third party or made available on the internet.

3.   Jikiden Reiki shall not be taught mixed with other kinds of Reiki. Only Shihan-Kaku (assistant teachers) and Shihan (teachers) approved by Jikiden Reiki Institute can teach Jikiden Reiki.

Thank you for submitting your registration!!

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